Publications and Presentations: 

2014                   Stress Management Seminar-Boca Raton Executive Networking Group

​2013                   Presented for " The Young Entrepenuers Association (EO)"     

2012                  “ Guest Speaker

2011                  Expert Commentary on Channel 12 for the Hadley Case

                         “ Warning Signs of Adolescents in Trouble”

2000-Present    Offered consultation to journalists of the following magazines:

                         Business Week Online

                         Family Circle

                         Parents Magazine

                         The Sun Sentinel

                         The Associated Press

                         Boca Raton Magazine

2002                 St Andrews School 

                         Boca Raton, Florida

                       “Talking about Sex with Your Children” Presentation

2000                 In-Service Training with Addison Academy Pre-School Teachers

                        “ Teaching Children How to Think vs. What to Do”

2000                In Service Training with The North Broward Preparatory Schools

                        “ Teaching Children How to Think vs. What to Do”

1998                 Co-Authored with Dr. Elizabeth Metcalf: Play Therapy Brochure

                         Presented to the National Association of Play Therapists

1997                 Created and Produced Relaxation Tape for Adults with ADHD

1996-1998       Published Monthly Articles for Parenting Plus of the Palm Beaches Magazine

                        “Back to School-Basic Training”, “Taming Tempers”, “School Transitions”

                       “Relaxing the Rules”, “Cutting Edge Psychology”, “Reporting the Card”, 

  “Teaching your Children How to Think”, “Mama’s Little Helper”,

   “How do I Know if My Child  needs Help”, 

     “Parenting Basics”, “Spring Fever”, “From Russia with Love”

1995                 St Vincent Ferrare Church Workshop-Delray Beach, Florida

                      “ Dealing with the Stress of having and ADHD Child”


1996                 B’Nai Israel Temple-Boca Raton, Florida

                        “ Winning at Parenting Workshop”

1995                 Poster Session-Florida Psychological Association Conference

                         Culture and  Pathology, Implications for Treatment and Diagnosis

1994                 Olympic Heights High School-Boca Raton, Florida

                         Stress Management with your Teens

Does Your Organization Need a Presenter?

 I have always believed in giving back to the community and it is fun to get out of the office and to meet new and interesting people.  If you have a group of people interested in hearing about a topic that I can offer, I would love to call to talk to you.