Family Relationships

    With our ever-changing world, there are issues that arise in the most closely knit families. Over the last 20 years, I have been working with children, teens, young adults and their families to build the bonds that connect us forever.  I think working with the strengths of a family and using positivity can help us attain a state of what I refer to as "emotional reasonability"  and helps families enjoy the time they spend together. I have included an article on this site that will give you an idea about how "emotional reasonability" works. People tend to operate under the notion that "time heals all wounds,".  That it not so.  While it may seem that things have calmed down, you will quickly notice how easy it is for problems to erupt and to go right back to those issues when we argue.  Only changing the way we relate to one another and communicating differently will change things. Working with a professional like myself, offers the opportunity for an objective third party to view the patterns that cause you pain in your relationships. 

"Everything in the world we want to do or get done, 
we must do with and through people."

— Earl Nightingale: American motivational speaker and author

Individual Counseling

        ​Sometimes, even the best of us can be at our worst.  Dealing with anxiety, depression, mood changes, developmental milestones and general problems within ourselves and with others requires the help of an empathic expert.  Everyone who chooses to work on themselves in a therapeutic environment deserves to feel: safe, heard, understood and comfortable with the professional they are working with.  I believe very strongly in the goodness of fit between therapists and their patients.  I will do my best to make you feel comfortable in every way and use my skill and expertise to make your world a better place to live in. Please don't wait, call me today to find out how I can help you with a variety of different issues.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching supports the premise that you don't have to have a mental disorder to want to grow.  All of us occasionally suffer from different issues, at different times of our lives, however it is the degree to which it interferes in your everyday life that determines whether or not you are suffering from a mental disorder. I personally believe that while therapy is a very powerful tool for those who do suffer, it is an equally powerful vehicle to help those who want to GROW.  We live in a fast-paced society that places a great deal of demands on all of us. Whether you are a stay at home Mom, Professional or Young Adult trying to make your way through the world, Life Coaching offers a safe place to think together with a seasoned professional about personal growth and healthier approaches to the changes in our lives.

Relationship Help

Sometimes even when love each other deeply, we hit oil slicks in our relationships when we least expect it.  Ever go home and think about what a lovely evening you are looking forward to only to have an awful argument with one of your loved ones?  I feel that relationship dynamics, emotionally symbolic meanings and sound research based methodology are the best ways to help stop the pain associated with problems in the relationships at home and in the family.  Give me a call to find out how we can begin to explore how to help you obtain the help you and your partner want

My Practice Includes